About Tallinn Book Printers

Tallinn Book Printers – over 30 years of experience

When Tallinn Book Printers began operation in 1985, we were the first purpose-built printing and binding house in Estonia. We keep the best traditions of printing alive today, although we greatly respect innovation. Our technology and work methods always keep up with the times.

Quality comes first

At Tallinn Book Printers you get a book that meets or exceeds your expectations, but that is for you to decide. Our specialists consider the project carefully through every step, trying to find the solutions which will best serve your goals. We make no difference between large and small projects – each one is treated with the utmost care.

  • 5 million publications annually
  • 120 employees
  • 15 000 m² production and warehouse space

World-class machines

In addition to the efforts of our dedicated and skilled workers, our excellent technology helps ensure a quality product. We only use the best technology.

  • CTP platesetters Agfa Avalon N8-90 and N8-60
  • Manroland 702P printing presses (print 1+1), Manroland 705 3B P2/3 (5 colour print), Manroland 708P 3B P4/4 (print 4+4)
  • POLAR 137 XT Paper cutter
  • Horizon (B1, B2, B3) and MBO M80 (B1) folding machines
  • Meccanotecnica Aster 180 and AsterPRO stitching machines
  • Sigloch BBL 31/2 spine gluing and lining machine
  • Kolbus BF 512 automatic hard cover casing machine
  • Kolbus SU 631 dust jacketing machine
  • Wohlenberg Sprinter e + Master e + Trim-tec 60i soft cover binding machine
  • Müller Martini staple binding machine
  • Hörauf BDM Universal cover machine
  • Kolbus PE-311 foil printing machine
  • Fidia Desta creasing, folding and gluing machine
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Kolbus köide

Environmentally friendly production

As a large-scale producer, we care deeply about the environment and do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

  • Assessing environmental impact: before committing to new materials, technologies or products, we undertake an environmental impact study which truly does have a significant bearing on our decisions.
  • Conservation-minded materials: we use environmentally friendly materials and work methods which are not detrimental to the health of our people.
  • Modern management systems: we keep our management systems compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards and maintain continuous improvement. We are audited by Egmont and Apple.

Only evaluated materials

One of the most important decisions in our business is which materials to use in the production of a book or publication. Although we don’t use poor materials, a reasonable selection depends on the project. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can help our clients make the best choice for them.


Paper and binding materials are delivered to us by some of Europe’s largest and greenest producers:



If you have any questions, let us know. We will answer you at the first opportunity.