Other publications

Promotional material, calendars, notebooks, posters, and much more.

Tallinn Book Printers is known as a book printer, but we can actually fulfil orders for many other kinds of printed matter.


Thanks to our self-imposed high standards of quality, it makes no difference to us whether the client needs a limited-edition gift book, or a calendar for everyday use – the very same care and attention to detail is given to the fulfilment of every order.

Staple-bound (also loop staple binding) publications

The cover and contents are bound by wire staples.

  • Formats available: from 105 x 148 mm to 300 x 470 mm (width x height). Capacity up to 6 sections + covers
  • Interior paper: uncovered 60-150 g/m², covered 70-170 g/m².
  • Covers may be made of the interior paper, heavier paper, or cardstock.
  • May contain 8-96 pages + covers. Capacity depends on the thickness of the paper.
  • Post-production: Folio printing, UV partial lacquer, UV-full lacquer, water-based lacquer, lamination, embossing, silk printing, cut-outs, stickers, rounded edges, packaging in thermal or magazine film.


Perforated interior pages and covers are joined by a wire. This kind of binding opens very well. Different diameters and colours of wire can be chosen. Covers may be hard or soft.

Binding techniques – from common to extraordinary

  • Staple binding – suitable for many kinds of promotional material. In addition to its ease of use, this method of binding provides quicker production and lower prices. Request staple binding for notebooks or children’s magazines.
  • Loop staple binding – produced as above with staples, but the binding has a clasp instead. Can be used in quick bindings.
  • Wire-O – widely used in calendars, user manuals, handbooks, etc. There is a selection of different tones of metallic wire, but also different colours of plastic-covered wire.
  • Otabind – a totally distinctive method of binding where the cover is not glued to the spine. As a result, the book opens much more easily.
  • Open-backed binding – the spine of the book is uncovered, allowing the book to open completely. It either has no separate front or back covers, or they are glued to the first and last pages.
  • Swiss brochure – the block of pages is only attached to the back cover, leaving the spine exposed when the book is open.

Some good examples

We can produce printed material of many different shapes and sizes:





Wall calendars

Open back

Loop staple binding


Staple bound

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