25 best designed Estonian books.

Tallinn Book Printers once again proved that we are doing an excellent job of printing and binding books. 19 books of the 25 best designed Estonian book nominees in 2018 and 5 of competition 5 best designed Estonian children’s books 2 were produced by Tallinn Book Printers. We thank our colleagues, authors, designers, illustrators, publishers,…


New capacity

In 2018, we increased our production capacity with new equipment: – AGFA Avalon N8-90 XT CTP; – Meccanotecnica AsterPRO sewing machine; – Hörauf BDM Universal cover production line. Our goal is to be the highest quality book printer in Northern Europe and we have everything we need for this: partners, team, machines and will!



I AM MY OWN BOSS! Just freshly printed notebook-calendar for an energetic person who wants to plan his time and activities even more effectively and efficiently. The need for this notebook arose from the real need for daily self-development activities to be part of the planned day. The author of the idea is the brand…


Ingmar Bergman

On July 14, 2018, a hundred years passed since the birth of a well-known Swedish film and theater producer and writer Ingmar Bergman. The Estonian Book Publisher Eesti Raamat published a Bergman’s Family Trilogy – three books between the common covers, stories about the complicated love of his father and mother, and Ingmar’s relationship with…


Open-spine is easy to use

Book binding at Tallinn Book Printers: open-spine is easy to use if you need to open book widespread. The book block is sewn and covered with glue. Different thread colors can be used. Open-spine allows you to exhibit in excellent way pictures of art, architect, nature, etc. We make beautiful books at Tallinn Book Printers /…


Excellent printing

The Tallinn Book Printers was recognized in Estonia and Finland for excellent print quality. We are proud that our print and binding skills have been highly appreciated. We thank all the customers and colleagues for the partnership and trust!

London Book Fair

Tallinn Book Printers visited the London Book Fair, where the Baltic literature and writers were the focus of this year event. All three Baltic States were represented in a joint stand. There was an elite of the entire Estonian literary and publishers and, of course, Tallinn Book Printers. A number of seminars were held in…